Three Emergency Drinking Water Pouches (125ML each)

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Made compact and durable for easy storage, these pouches are the perfect emergency water option emergency kits, cars, hiking, camping or boating. With a shelf life of 5 years, they are also a great choice for schools and offices.
Special packaging is used to increase durability and ensure product quality when products are exposed to extreme climatic and storage conditions. The SOS Emergency Drinking Water Pouches will withstand temperatures ranging from desert to arctic.

These water pouches can also double up for use in your first aid supply. When frozen, they be used as cold compresses. Because the water is sterile, they can also be used as a bacteria free wash to clean wounds.

• Three Emergency Purified Drinking Water - (125ml)
• Coast guard and Transport Canada approved.
• Purified and bacteria free. 5 year shelf life.
• Ideal for hiking, camping and boating. Survival kits.
• Can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° F to 230° F