Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy

If you are unable to attend class, no show, fail to complete the online portion (Blended Classes) or if you cancel within 24 hours of the class, you will have a one time opportunity to re-enroll for an equivalent course at no additional charge, but we will not refund payment for the registered class.  Any subsequent re-enrolls are subject to a $25 processing fee as class sizes are limited and these seats are reserved for you. 

Please be advised if you purchased a blended course and had not completed the online portion at the time you rescheduled you will have to start the online portion over with the new registration date.  If you completed the online portion you will be required to bring a copy or screenshot of the completion record on your new date.

You must contact High Speed Tactical & Safety Solutions via phone or email within 48 hours of the missed class, and you must reschedule and attend an alternate class within 45 days of the class you originally selected.

Failure to notify us within 48 hours or attend the alternate class of your choosing will require you to register (and pay) for another class.

If you cancel your registration within 72 hours of the class (but outside of the 24 hours described above), we will refund you 50% of the original cost.

If you cancel your registration more than 72 hours in advance of the class, we will refund you 100% of the original cost minus a $10 processing fee.

Once a certificate of completion has been issued via the Red Cross system, no refunds will be issued.

If taking this course for employment or a school requirement, it is your responsibility to verify that they accept the American Red Cross certification prior to registering.