AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training)

AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training)

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AVERT is a critical step toward preparing yourself or your organization for the potential of active violence. Your level of training and preparedness can have a significant impact on the outcome of an emergency situation.

AVERT brings together expertise from both the medical and law enforcement perspectives and backgrounds. Once taught only to industry professionals, the content in AVERT has been specifically adapted for the general public. Unlike other training programs that focus solely on Run, Hide, Fight techniques, AVERT uses a dynamic method to teach you proactive awareness, how to react and protect yourself and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.

Prepare yourself or your organization to anticipate potential violence and react quickly in life-threatening situations. AVERT emphasizes training in: 
Warning Signs and Situational Awareness

  • Escape, Evade, Attack and Active Shooter Response Procedures
  • Emergency Bleeding Control Techniques
  • Response Equipment (Bleeding control kits, AEDs, etc.)


Uncontrolled bleeding is a serious emergency. Blood loss due to trauma is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If care is delayed, even by a few minutes, uncontrolled bleeding can quickly become life-threatening.

 When active violence occurs, time is critical to survival. Being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives.


With  (Active Violence Emergency Response Training), you will learn how to stop bleeding in a severely injured person and act quickly with emergency response tactics for surviving a violent encounter.  

With live scenario training that simulates a typical encounter,  uses dynamic training tactics to empower you with life-saving techniques.

This is a BLENDED course.  Upon registration, you will receive a link to complete online prior to the skills portion of the course.  The skills portion will take approximately two to three hours.  Upon successful completion students will receive a digital certification valid for a two year period.